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Clifford E Carnicom
Santa Fe, NM
May 26 2005


It has been reported that a water testing laboratory has recently terminated its services to a customer. This customer requested and paid for the testing of a rainwater sample in a rural location within the United States. The customer recently provided the results of that analysis to the public through this site1. It is also stated by this same customer that, upon inquiry,  no logical or professional reply has been given that explains or accounts for the termination of the environmental testing service to this individual.  It is also a fact that the original attempt to relay the laboratory report by mail to me failed and that this easily could have gone unknown and unnoticed; alternative means of transmission of the report were required.


At this point it will be mentioned that a similar result occurred approximately six years ago with an atmospheric testing firm. In that case, services were terminated when the results of the lab report on atmospheric fiber analysis were challenged and refuted in a personal visit by this researcher. Upon making the first two of nine contradictions known to the principal of that company, this owner stated that “this discussion is now over”. Upon this development, I submitted a letter in person to the president of this firm; this letter stated that the action of this company might eventually be made known to the public. This statement now provides notification to the public of that event.  Additional attempts to properly identify the material have failed and are noted below.


It will now also be disclosed that the career of a state criminal forensic scientist was threatened when an interest was expressed by that individual to assist in the identification of a certain atmospheric fibrous sample. It was stated in that case that the career of that individual and all post-retirement benefits of the forensicist would be terminated if any involvement in identification were to take place.  The act of laboratory identification was never completed.  This event occurred approximately four years ago. The US Environmental Protection Agency has refused to identify this same material. Extraordinary biological components within that material have been repeatedly been observed and recorded.


Clifford E Carnicom
May 26, 2005


1. Carnicom, Calcium and Potassium,, Mar 2005.