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The role and importance of photo-ionization within the aerosol operations is becoming increasingly evident. In addition to the reasoning process outlined earlier within A Case For Testing, the formation of so-called “clouds” can be directly related to the introduction of easily ionized materials within the atmosphere.

From Chemistry, by Joseph Mascetta 1996, it is stated within the discussion on cloud chambers, that:

One of the most useful instruments for detecting and measuring radiation is the Wilson cloud chamber. Its operation depends on the well known fact that moisture tends to concentrate around ions (the probable explanation for some formation of clouds in the sky).

Numerous other references related to cloud chamber theory complement the above statement, and they also describe the clear relationship between the introduction of an ionizable material and the condensation process.

This finding is in accord with all previous analyses which substantiate the case of radical alterations in the earth’s atmosphere, as well as with the recent findings that demonstrate the abundance of electrically charged particulate matter in direct association with the aerosol operations.

Clifford E Carnicom
Feb 24 2001