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Clifford E Carnicom
Dec 13 2003
Edited Dec 17 2003


A summary of preliminary findings is presented; adequate time for full presentation and documentation of efforts does not exist at this time. The focus of current research is upon the geophysical and energy implications of the aerosol operations.

Analysis of time deviations over a five month period continues to indicate the very real possibility of a decrease in the rotational rate of the earth. An analysis of historical data from the U.S. Naval Observatory and the International Earth Rotation Service justifies the pursuit of this topic. The variations within the historical data are statistically significant to an extremely high level. More recent research indicates not only the possibility of a measurable deceleration component, but of a non-linear component as well. The prospect of a increasing deceleration component is therefore under serious consideration, and it remains supported by all independently available data from this researcher. Small changes in time will translate to large changes in the kinetic energy of the earth, and geophysical events of greater magnitude and disturbance are expected as a result. The data indicates the possibility of increasing differences of time (rotational vs. atomic standards) with projected geophysical effects.

Initial investigations have been conducted on historical Schumann frequency data. The data indicates an increase in this frequency over the recent period of several years that has been examined. Popularly circulated stated changes of the Schumann frequency on the order of several hertz appear to be completely unsubstantiated. Changes on the order of a a fraction of a hertz from a reference value of approximately 7.8Hz are realistically under consideration. The literature shows a measured relationship between changes in Schumann frequency and the electron density of the ionosphere. A reasonable interpretation of the increase in the Schumann frequency results from an increase in electron density of both the atmosphere and the lower atmosphere as a primary objective of the aerosol operations. A conservative first estimate of the increase in electron density is on the order of 8% over the last five years; small changes in electron density dramatically alter the electromagnetic characteristics of a plasma. The remarkable electromagnetic properties of the ionosphere are evidence of that fact.

Energy levels of the HAARP facility act a level commensurate with solar storms. It is expected that the HAARP facility can therefore effect a global geophysical impact, including both electron density and energy state changes of the ionosphere and atmosphere.

Increased solar energy, e.g., from solar storms, and increased moisture are expected to enhance the intended effects of energy accumulation of the aerosol operations. The onset of operations in a particular region appear often to be predictable from the consideration of these and other factors, including aerosol concentration levels.

Changes in mass and kinetic energy are related through the equations of special relativity. Changes in mass will have an effect upon the gravitational field. Expected changes in the gravitational field from historical kinetic energy changes alone appear to be too low for detection with customary instrumentation by a factor of approximately 1 in 100,000. At a conceptual level, a decrease in the rotational rate of the earth is expected to produce a decrease in the gravitational field. Dimensional changes in the earth and mass displacements may act at a measurable level; GRACE satellite data may be a useful source of information for continued analysis.

Atmospheric pressure is expected to decrease, although the level of detection by instrumentation remains in question.

The expected increase in the radius of the earth as a result of decreasing angular momentum of the earth has previously been discussed.

There appears to be a strong relationship between the mass of a body, the angular velocity and the magnetic field strength at a macroscopic level. The foundation of this study indicates that the magnetic field strength is (commonly to one order of magnitude) proportional to the product of the mass and the square of the angular velocity of that body. The study is based upon data available from solar system measurements. This initial examination opens many prospects for the consideration of relationships between mass, gravity, magnetism, electromagnetics, velocity, momentum and kinetic energy, relativity dilations and quantum physics. The origin of ferromagnetism as a direct result of electron spin can not be ignored in conjunction with this finding. The general principle of magnetism as a result of mass in motion is also a derivative of this result. The magnetic field of the earth is expected, therefore, to continue to decrease with any decrease in the rotational rate of the earth.

Magnetic field variation in correspondence with solar flux variation appears to be easily measurable with fairly simple equipment. The variation with respect to aerosol operations, ELF-VLF propagation and astronomic events such as eclipses remains difficult to quantify.

Unusually high levels of ferromagnetism appear to be evident. The simulation of the conditions that best appear to reproduce this result include the removal of the ferromagnetism through heat, and the subsequent exposure of the material, e.g., steel, to high level magnetic fields. Artificial magnetic fields are a consideration in that result.

An estimate of the decline in the earth’s magnetic field strength as a function of a decrease in the earth’s rotational rate has been developed. Computations from the relationship indicate that this decline in magnetic field strength is a measureable amount, even by historical rates of changes in the earth’s rotational rate. If the rotational rate declines beyond historical standards, the magnitude only makes this decline in magnetic field strength easier to detect. An estimate as to when the magnetic field strength declines to zero is also available from the relationship that has been developed.

A relationship between the decline in magnetic field strength with respect to a decline in the gravity field has also been developed at a first level of approximation. The magnitude of this change does not appear to be measurable.

A hypothesis of a fundamental geophysical motive of the aerosol operations does remain under serious consideration. The fundamental question exists as to whether or not it is feasible that the aerosol operations could affect the kinetic energy state of the earth. A mechanism of energy interaction is under review at this time. An examination of the energy density of a plasma, applied to the earth’s atmosphere and ionosphere in particular, underlies the physics of this study. Analysis does indicate that is feasible to consider the prospect of an energized atmospheric plasma that exceeds the energy quota from kinetic energy changes in the earth. One method for increasing the energy state of the plasma involves the slow modulation of a high-frequency wave within the plasma, with the fundamental factor of influence being the ratio of the square of the plasma frequency to the square of the modulated frequency. Continued measurements support the existence of omnipresent ELF propagation at multiples of 4Hz. The fundamental objectives and methods of the HAARP facility can not be ignored in this analysis. A central question which remains is that of energy conversion efficiency; current analysis indicates that a conversion efficiency on the order of 10-6 (first estimate) is required between any kinetic energy changes of the earth and kinetic energy accumulated within the plasma of the atmosphere/ionosphere with an approximate plasma frequency of 3MHz modulated with ELF at 100Hz.. For interest sake, the conversion efficiency of the HAARP facility for ELF propagation is stated to be on the order of 10-8. An analysis of the time data indicates that a failure of affecting the kinetic energy state of the earth remains in effect, if indeed this exists as one viable motive of the aerosol operations,

All previously discussed applications of the aerosol operations, including environmental control, biological operations, electromagnetic operations, military operations and geophysical considerations remain substantiated with the research that has been conducted.

The consideration of directed biological operations upon the populace remains paramount. All factors discussed on this and previous pages act in a cumulative sense. There is no implied or stated act or motive of benevolence to the general human population within this research presentation.

Clifford E Carnicom
Dec 13, 2003
Edited Dec 17, 2003

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