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Carnicom Institute is a non-profit organization working solely for the benefit of humanity. Our goal is to provide the public with beneficial and responsible information through scientific, educational, environmental, and health research for the public welfare. The Institute is currently focused on the important issues of geoengineering and bioengineering.

Carnicom Institute Laboratory Notebooks (HTML)

The following provides access to the Carnicom Institute Laboratory Notebooks in HTML format. Please be aware each volume is handwritten,... Read more...more

Journalistic Integrity – Ramola D Coverage of Carnicom Institute Research

  Ramola D, of The Every Day Concerned Citizen serves as a journalist to inform the public.  Her work is... Read more...more

YouTube Removes Carnicom Institute Disclosure Project

It has come to my attention that YouTube, owned by Google Inc., has removed the Carnicom Institute Disclosure Project from... Read more...more

Carnicom Institute Santa Fe Conference 2019

Bioengineering & Geoengineering – The Unmistakable Link: Past, Present, and Future by Carnicom Institute A three part video coverage of... Read more...more

Blood Alterations VI : Implications and Consequences

  Source : 2001: A Space Odyssey   This is the final paper in a research paper series by Carnicom... Read more...more

Blood Alterations V : Sources of Current

  This paper is Part Five of a Six Part Series. This research series was foreseen to consist of five... Read more...more

Blood Alterations IV : Foreign Protein Analysis

  This paper is Part Four of a Six Part series. This paper will describe the use of various analytical... Read more...more

Blood Alterations III : Transformation

Protein Separation, Microbe Identification & Blood Transformation This paper is Part Three of a Six Part series. There is no... Read more...more

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