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Instructions for Boosting Your Microscope’s Power to Examine Your Own Samples

Presented in this work are instructions for building an affordable yet fairly powerful microscope imager using a microscope and a typical webcam used with computers. This setup will allow anyone to get acceptable images of samples that have been ...more


Two sets of photographs from separate photographers in North Carolina have been sent in to Clifford Carnicom and have been posted on his website. The photos in both cases show unusual ring-shaped or disc-like objects. The photos in one case are ...more

Morgellons – 2nd Session – with Dr. Gwen Scott

ARCHIVE WEBCASTS:   “Morgellons” – 2nd Session by Clifford E Carnicom & Gwen Scott N.D. Recorded April 11, 2008 Download Version... Read more ...more

Morgellons – Introductory Remarks with Dr. Gwen Scott

ARCHIVE WEBCASTS:   “Morgellons” – Introductory Remarks by Clifford E Carnicom & Gwen Scott N.D. Recorded March 21, 2008  ... Read more ...more


This paper discusses a method that has been established to remove at least a portion of the pathogenic forms that have been reported extensively by Clifford Carnicom in his recent papers. The method involves the use of red wine or a red wine-hydrogen ...more


There is increasing evidence that the general population may be affected by at least four pathogenic forms, and that many have been seriously compromised by at least four pathogenic forms under examination. These recurring pathogen forms are: 1) An ...more

MORGELLONS… A Natural Medicine Approach

Ms. Scott outlines a natural outlook toward the toxins being found in our air, water, land, and food, and offers healthy ideas to help others who want to remain healthy in their lives. One of the things Ms. Scott discusses is ridding the body of ...more

MORGELLONS: 5th, 6th & 7th MATCH

At this point, there are three more samples added to the research of Morgellon's that are showing the same basic apparent pathogenic forms as those previously observed. Added to this list of samples researched are: 1) the 5th match of this ...more


Research on blood samples from numerous individuals continues in this paper, and there are three main points up to this time in the study of anomalies found in the blood of these people: 1) The preliminary assessment on the nature of the two primary ...more


An individual with Morgellon’s symptoms has recently expelled a massive volume of fibrous material from the gums of the mouth. The fibers, upon very high magnification, reveal themselves to be identical in size, structure and form to the skin fibers ...more

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